June 2nd, 2012
CSAC Presents:
1960-70’s Blackhawk Right Winger
2x Stanley Cup Champ w/Toronto 
Member of Famed ‘MPH Line’ 
5x All-Star 


Date: Saturday, June 2nd 2012 
Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm 
Steven’s Collectibles 
35 E. Plainfield Rd. 
Countryside, IL 

Hockey legend making rare Chicago area store appearance! 
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Steven’s Collectibles will have photos, pucks, etc for purchase or bring your own item to be signed. 

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I recently opened a box of Upper Deck Series 1 11-12, this is the best product on the market for getting your favourite new rookies!


With this years Upper Deck Series 1, I really like the simplicity of the design. The writing on the cards is big enough to read, but doesn’t take up the nice images that are placed on each card. The rookie designs follow this design as well, with shiny silver writing outlining that the card  is a young gun, but doesn’t take up a lot of the card with the design! The material cards look great this year, the game used material cards have a very modern look to them, and the design in the background looks like it is a hockey sweater.


You can never go wrong with Upper Deck Series 1, especially if you are a collector of the new rookies each year! You get 6 Rookies per box, that is a huge value right there. Even if you don’t hit the number one guy, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, there are many other great rookies this year that have the potential to get even better in the upcoming years. Along with your six rookies, you get 4 canvas cards, these cards have a painting like look to them, and what is better the image on the canvas card is different than the base card. You have the potential of getting two different cards of your favourite player in one box! Finally, this year you get 2 game used material cards, which is one more than previous years! I found this to be a great bonus, not only can you find normal material cards, but there are numbered game used material cards as well!

I recently opened a box of Upper Deck Parkhurst, this is always my favourite product that Upper Deck comes out with every year!


The design of the Parkhurst cards are my favourite, they give you a feel like you are opening a pack of cards from a long time ago, but with a very modern look. The pictures on these cards you can’t find anywhere else! This is great for collectors to get images of their favourite players from many years ago, and remember the memories of certain games from the insert cards. The insert cards also have a canvas type feel to them, this again is one of my favourite parts of this set. They look exactly like paintings, and Upper Deck even added the canvas cards to Series 1 this year as well.


The value on this box of cards is very high. There isn’t another product out there that can give the collector such amazing looking cards of all their favourite players from many years ago. What is even better is the autographs that you can obtain in this box. All of the autographs are on card! With all of these players being retired it is very hard to get an autograph from them, but Upper Deck gives the collector a chance with 1 to 2 autographs in these boxes.


I recently opened three packs of Upper Deck SPGU Soccer. Every pack has either a game used material or an autograph, along with base cards.


The card design is very nice, and it is very similar to the SPGU Hockey from last year. The base cards are very simple, but very sophisticated looking. The game used material cards show a great picture of the player, and place the material in a perfect position on the card. The rookies are my favourite looking card, the cards are numbered, and have a really sharp look to them.


How can you go wrong with Upper Deck’s SPGU products. Each pack has an autograph or a game used material card. This product is great for any collector who wants to get closer to their favourite athletes, because where else can you get nice looking autographs or game used material directly from your favourite players.